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Oh my ahura mazda, people like my joke and I have accidentally ten times as much followers as before, and stars enough to fabricate a moderately sized nebula.
Now how to tell them that I am boring and not funny? 🙃

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some people think they *punish* me by banning me for disagreeing with them. 🤦‍♂️

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@aral made such an important speech at the EU commission, packing a lot of stuff.

I cannot stop laughing at this reference, though. 🤣

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And as long as the focus of the EU is markets and business, we’re not going to get there. As long as the goal is “Digital Single Market” we have a problem.

See our work with the Commons Network to try and reframe this narrarive at

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♲ Day 104 of complete Internet blockade on Kashmir imposed by govt of India.

Select businesses being allowed by the police to run broadband Internet (landline based, not mobile data) on conditions that no social networking, VPN, file encryption, USB will be used, and so on.


Probably the best WiFi analyzer in the open source world. Reliable, good interface.

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Hello I'm New here ☺️
I'm from India 🇮🇳
Can I get a Boost ?

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One curious observation spending my time here that disproportionately high amount of people reacting on my toots have unusual sexual orientation [based on their self-definition].
How come?

fuck twitter images... here we go agin, now with the native fediversion.

Summary reply to :
They have attacked some big sites as ad to sell their attack service. It's like shooting a bunch of kids in the kindergarten to show you're a good assassin to hire. Unrelated to any Wikipedia stuff.

I think it's a proof again that beings 'ing ( or else) have no dicks. Otherwise they could have played with it instead.

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Haha. Bruce Schneier has revived his "snake oil cryptography" category specifically for Crown Sterling (they people who sued Black Hat after their sponsored talk was ill received by the audience):

"Enough of this. All of us can create ciphers that we cannot break ourselves, which means that amateur cryptographers regularly produce amateur cryptography. These guys are amateurs. Their math is amateurish. Their claims are nonsensical. Run away."


the problem of services not starting can be solved two ways:

1. upgrade the OS, upgrade all the cluster member OS running the virtual machines (basically also reboot all of them), also upgrade various components scattered


2. remove

guess which one.

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some people think they *punish* me by banning me for disagreeing with them. 🤦‍♂️

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