Over the last few days we've had constant requests to respond to @moxie@twitter.com's 'The ecosystem is moving' blog post & recent 36c3 talk - we've tried to articulate Matrix's viewpoint over at matrix.org/blog/2020/01/02/on-.

@matrix The more moxie opens his mouth, the less I trust him to build and maintain a secure messaging platform. Signal is kind of a basic first measure, I would never trust any centralized network with something I actually wanted to be private. But neither would I trust matrix yet, maybe once the client has it's own built in server and mixing servers. Right now the very basic torchat seems to be the only real option for secure/anonymous coms and I'm not sure I trust that.


@curufuin @matrix Well for the truly paranoid there's matrix over . For mere obfuscation may be faster though.

@grin @matrix I think for the truly paranoid there is the Snowden method. Like talk in person, phones on the microwave. 🤷🏻‍♂️. But I suppose it just depends on your threat model and what you want to worry about.

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