@rigelk thanks for the merge πŸ˜› I really don't understand how possibly it could have worked, gave continuous errors for me. But, alas, it's an extremely useful piece of snippet. Thanks! 🎁

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@grin Ah! So you're the one who made it. I am the one who should be thankful. This plugin, much like my other plugins, were all made in a short timeframe when the plugin API came out, so it's no surprise to me the code is clunky - but I swear it works on my end πŸ˜….

It needs some love and I'm more focused on development on PeerTube itself atm. I you have ideas on other filters to add to glavlit though, I might save a few days hacking on plugins again.

@rigelk well since I get a low amount but stable stream of idiots uploading turkish series, lolcats and various conspiration theories I may start thinking about a more sophisticated way of filtering, but right now I'm happy that the log isn't filled with errors anymore. ;-)

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