Tuesday #column: A call for the animators, storytellers, and otakus of Japan to leave their #sexism and degenerate views of #sexuality and #GenderRoles behind, to stop hiding behind weak cultural excuses, and grow up. #anime #WTFJapan #writing

The Fisherman's Waifu Was Just the Begnning:

@Rosencrantz I live in Tokyo, and even here the otaku culture isn't as pervasive as many westerners assume.

Few adults are actually interested in anime and even fewer are interested in waifus, panties fetishism and all that. There's definitely a market for those things, but it's niche.

@codewiz Oh thank the Gods. That's good to know. Raises my interest in visiting substationally.

Although, from what I've heard, exclaiming loudly, unironicly, and excitedly "Suggoi!" is still a thing

@codewiz That said; how actually IS the egalitarianism between men and women over there? Is female submission still tauted as a virtue? What's the attitude toward sexual misconduct?

I know several couples, but only a few of them are close friends I went on vacation with, stayed at their house, etc.

The existence of gender roles is noticeable, but subtler than we read in sensational stories: men take care of children, but less than women. Men also help cooking and cleaning, but women seem to do it more...

Women with kids tend to work part-time or hourly jobs such as teaching Japanese.

I don't believe this is simple submission, at least not the direct form. Many parents seem to genuinely believe that children absolutely require constant rearing from their mother in order to... develop normally!

This observation is also supported by an old (and somewhat controversial) book on the concept of "amae":


I've seen moms keeping a busy agenda of activities for all family members. It's not uncommon to be invited to a social event 2-3 weeks in advance, and in one case my friends asked me to confirm if I wanted to join for a weekend skiing... two months later! 😅

Our image of the bored stay-at-home mom is inaccurate: it's a full-time educator/manager job.

Here's a lesson of ink calligraphy at a friend's home in Kawagoe. It's a weekly event, and 2 of the kids came from a nearby house.

I also thought that raising kids was unskilled labor, and couldn't possibly be as fulfilling as having a proper career.

We think of it as sitting at home while the kids play video games... sometimes drive them to school or take them to the park... But proper parenting is much more than baby-sitting!

Besides, it's not like being a Japanese salaryman is always a joyride:

There's certainly a selection bias towards the most liberal slice of Japanese society.

Until my Japanese improves, I can only be friends with people who bothered to learn English and get some exposure to international culture.

Some of my friends are from outside Tokyo, but all of them live in urban areas, which tend to be more progressive. I'm sure I'd observe more forms of gender inequality in rural communities.

"Baby Room - open also to gentlemen" 🙄

Not sure what to make of it...

@codewiz @Rosencrantz Not only mothers can get in with the kid and change the diaper. It is actually a very considerate notice as some mothers can kill males entering their territory.

@grin @Rosencrantz but it says "Baby Room", not "Mother Room"! 😉

@grin What is Roger Waters mouthing after "Mother should I trust the government?"

I'm sure it contains the word "fuck", but I can't discern the rest. 😂

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