Created a script to wade through my registered accounts, filtering various spam-domain advertisement-descripted once-posting accounts. Deleted about 70% of the accounts. Yay.

Is there a place where I should see trending in ?

It is still not clear to me how am I supposed to use web ui. How does it tell me which toots are **new**, and where shall I start looking?

Is there any about / ? How a receiving server authenticates the source of a toot? How the ensured? What surfaces the is able to withstand?
The spec at skips these questions nicely.

Okay, honestly, I don't get what is good for. (May be related to the fact that I don't get why is useful.)

Pulled up the . Let's see what can and cannot do.

But anyway, I'm grin, of and and part of the cyberspace. Running , , and lots of stuff in general.