I so badly hope that the new WhatsApp privacy policy update will make people switch to Signal and other secure (so not Telegram, for the record) messengers.

Back when Facebook acquired WhatsApp I quit it right away, hopefully more people will, now.

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Drew DeVault: I don't trust Signal drewdevault.com/2018/08/08/Sig
You should use Element (element.io) instead, which doesn't require your phone number.
The matrix.org server is overloaded and slow, but unlike with Signal (which is centralized), you can choose from many other servers, and still be able to talk to every Matrix user. server list: publiclist.anchel.nl/

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So I guess Element (matrix) does not store messages (deleting after delivery) and has a sealed sender option?

Of course, taking in mind that I, as a user, cannot verify anything on any server anyways, whether it's on a decentralized network or not.

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