Did you know that isn't electronic? It is mad of pipes, socks, files, handles, tar, even evil spirits called demons. There's only one electron, but it's big and slow!

@fraggle like a mario game. you think there are mushrooms and dragons too, deep down somewhere?

@grin Windows is worse because all the moving parts are made of glass.

@grin I love this post and hate everything it represents

@ben how is it possible to hate 🧦 , handles or pipes? 😟

Jokes apart, really, hate? Why?

@grin what if i tell you that demons aren't evil beings at all, at least according to the myths of the old Greeks.

@cybercow it would be hard to write a complete essay in 500 characters. 😏
I accept that it wasn't the quality of **A Small Fiction**. 🙂

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