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We are delighted to receive $10K in funding from @mozilla this week. We pitched CryptPad to the MOSS Open Source Seed Award back in February at #FOSDEM. We will use these funds to improve loading times.

@vcrkhl well is mainly a really secure and anonymous chat protocol, using p2p technology - which is also its demise: p2p [not tox, but p2p in general] is mobile unfriendly, uses extreme amount of network bandwidth and battery power. Along with the really hard way to gather friends it never got off the ground. Having clunky clients doesn't help either. Still, one of the most secure networks around.

@vcrkhl tox has been "promising" for the better half of the last decade. 😉

@vcrkhl tox is unreliable. jitsi is good but yeah, safari wonát work. nextcloud won't help you.
BBB is what you are looking for, install a local server and you'll be fine with no tracking.

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My hope is that maybe this can help me understand how alternative frontend clients get made.

The default Diaspora one just hurts to look at, and makes me sad. A buttery-smooth one in React or Vue would be really really nice.

Although, maybe the UI is limited by the data and data structures that the platform itself provides. It'd be nice to see if there's a better way to organize things, but it'd be funny to try it, and realize that there aren't really that many alternative directions to take things.
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@strypey @torproject @RemoteLearning dev advised not to use due to a few still open issues to be fixed by both FF and Jitsi. shall fare much better right now.

There is nothing wrong with .

“While there is a shortage, cabinet member’s relatives offer face masks and disinfectants for bulk sale in Hungary”

@Gina not answering the specific question but 1) allmods prosody module is pretty helpful if the whole group is trusted, and 2) I've seen ghosts pretty often, especially after reconnects.

@colunadoc that's not a mousepad - that's a mousecarpet!

@ben @jk is a neat little toy do make über-simple encrypted incremental using standard tools (command line, , , , ...).

@jk What do you test? Content check is best done with checksums (sha512sum, many backup software actually do that for you by asking for 'verify'), accessibility is by simply retrieving something saved to an alternative location.

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@torproject actually there are (were? there was a recent update) serious scalability problems with : it seems the _client_ can't sustain more than about 15 video participants with non-ideal connectivity, lots of disconnects. So far seems to be a viable alternative for larger groups, but Jitsi has a good working mobile app which BBB lacks.
But they're both fine for less than a dozen participants. And none of them spies on you!

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@Gina you probably don't fancy exclusive contracts ;-)

@sean Actually there was an interesting medical whitepaper about this and indeed: they're pretty nasty source of germs.

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