@codewiz and the guy in red is faked into the original picture! I'm speechless.

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@rory tube.grin.hu host plenty of OSM videos already. It's a small instance, but one video more or less...

"Becoming a celebrity is nothing else than an unknown nobody becoming a known nobody."

Which one do you hate most as the *only* offered installation media?

@FSMaxB @fribbledom reminds me of my ski mask which was a blob of ice healed onto my face at the end of the day. ⛷️

is not for the hasty.
$ time ipfs get zdpuAqiExr6k4AbWF6BuGkgUbVMZ7jbJyNvRz9z9yyRBxosPi
Error: unknown node type

real 270m20.621s
user 0m4.242s
sys 0m0.461s

@locrian @fribbledom Interesting since as far as I remember there are various exemptions and this sounds like one. Can't help researching that though, just mentioning. Probably lessons can be learned from youtube affairs/DMCA rejections.

@hypolite It would take years and at least ten times the cost of the normal house, it'd require people with extremely strong knowledge in their profession, very special materials and special methods. We've built a house where I am pretty happy with the results but it has a hundred imperfections, some due to money limit, some to limited human resources, some due to the materials and some the finite amount of design work. As you say, asypmtotic everything.

@hypolite @sean Now I am curious: can you list some of your real favourites? If any?

@hypolite @sean Isn't that true for any popular bands? 🙂 I probably rather kill myself with a wet sponge than listen to Depeche Mode, others seem to love them. People like a hume amount of bands I can't even bear to listen. And I like a lot where people consider suicide as a viable alternative. I guess that's normal. 😉
Disclaimer: I like a lot.
What about ? ;-)

@thenewoil I guess the question is rather which *adblockers* do I use? Certainly kicks the butt of guce.advertising.com which is the final target of a chain of redirects.

@thenewoil I can't quite open this link since it redirects directly to an advertisement website. Just mentioning in case you weren't aware.

@nanook wow, is this similar to The Onion, but full of Flat Earthers? And amazing that they can keep the straight face! Lovely. In a kind of… insane way.

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